it's your time to heal.

How do I sign up? What is the cost?
  • We will begin by having a brief phone conversation to get to know each other. I will tell you honestly if I think I can help you or believe you would be better served by another professional. Call me today at 617-970-5430.

  • You and I will decide together whether you should enroll in a group program or one-on-one program. Ultimately the choice is yours.

  • The cost of the program is dependent on whether you choose group or one-on-one sessions.

  • My purpose is to help you heal. I offer a sliding scale fee structure in a sincere effort to never turn anyone away.

What’s it like to attend a Support Group?
  • We’re not going to tell you that we know how you feel because we don’t know. Neither does anyone else. You already know how you feel and it probably isn’t good.  

  • You won’t be offered unsolicited advice. No one will compare your loss to theirs. You can count on being respected for your own experience because, after all, it is uniquely yours 

  • There is ample time for you to speak without being interrupted, commented on or judged by others.

  • Everyone commits to maintaining confidentiality and creating a safe and supportive environment.

  • Some people will be working on recent losses while others may be processing a loss that occurred a long time ago. 

  • A loss is a loss. Loss causes grief and is painful. We don’t compare and we don’t judge. Some participants will be working through a death; others may be processing a romantic break-up. Some will be attending due to the loss of a job, or death of a pet. Your loss is your loss. It matters to you. It’s never greater or lesser than the loss of anyone else in your group.  

What is the program structure? 
  • Groups meet for 8 consecutive weeks. One-on-one sessions are scheduled for 7 consecutive weeks. Different models work for different people. You and I will decide together which style is best suited for you.

  • Each weekly session is scheduled for 2 hours.

  • Please understand that these are not drop-sessions. You and the other members of your group make a commitment to say the course and journey together through the entire program. You and your group start and complete the program on the exact same dates.

  • New members will not be introduced part way through the program. Each week you will see familiar faces who are gathering in a safe and supportive program. 

Where are you located?  When does the next group begin?
  • I work in a few different locations in Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin Counties. I’ll help you find one that is convenient to where you live or work.

  • Sessions are offered on weekends, evenings and early mornings. You choose which day and time works best for you and commit to attending on regular schedule.  

  • New sessions are starting all the time, give me a call to discuss options near you.

What will I learn?
  • You will be given your own copy of The Grief Recovery Method Handbook – 20th Anniversary Expanded Edition. This book is your text throughout the program and is yours to keep. 

  • In a supportive, kind and compassionate manner you will be led through a structured curriculum that’s been proven successful for 30 years.

  • Each session builds upon what was learned and discussed in the prior week.  

  • You will be given brief weekly reading and homework assignments. This is not busy work to distract you from your grief. These assignments were created to help you unlearn the old myths of grief and to learn new action steps that promote healing. 

Call Vicki at 413-224-8368 today.
It’s your time to heal.